Friday, June 27, 2014

Photo Compress for Android

UPDATE: Photo Compress 2.0 Ad Free is now available on google play store. Screenshots and description mentioned here is of version 1.0 . New screenshots and description is available of Play Store. Please click on button below.

Hello friends, have a look at my new android app, created just for you!!


This app can be used to compress, resize and crop photos. Generally when we capture an image its size is large and it becomes difficult to share with friends or family using facebook, WhatsApp etc. For people having fast internet connection this might not be a problem but those who have slow internet connection suffer. Also, while filling online applications some websites demand photos of specific dimension and size, less than or equal to their defined size for example 50kb. And, so for compressing photo people use different types of software on their laptops or desktops. But now it is possible to compress photos right on your android phone, anytime, anywhere.

PhotoCompress is just for you if you want to:
  • Save your phone storage space if you are running out of memory
  • Save your internet data. So share even more
  • Share photos instantly after compressing, on facebook, WhatsApp, gmail etc. more quickly
  • Use photos to upload to website which demand photo of less than specified size.
Features of PhotoCompress
  • Its Free
  • Compress photos right on your mobile
  • Compress, Resize, Crop photos
  • Compress multiple photos at once
  • Share your compressed photo(s) from the app
  • See preview after compress\resize\crop operation. If not satisfied 'Reset Changes' and try again with different values
Here are some screenshots of PhotoCompress

Compressing multiple photos
Resize screen

Compress photo with quality settings

in-app help
Home screen

This app is available on Google Play for free.

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